This powder is pyrogallol or hydrolysable type tanning material of vegetable origin,with high in acidity and less salt. The reserve acidity in this powder gives mellowing effect and promotes the fixation of condensed type tannins.Blended with catechol tannins,this imparts light colour,fullness,plumpness and firmness to leather.This powder does not oxidise When exposed to sunlight and gives a protective coating to increase the colour fastness of the condensed tannies.

specification (by filter method)

Appearance :    Brown colour powder
Tannin :    62% +/- 5
Non-Tannin :    28%
Total soluble :    90%
Moisture :    5% +/- 1
pH(10%) :    4 to 5


It is more significant in making sole leather blended with mimosa extract.It is used in pit and drum processing in the manufacture of E.I.Kips,Buff Calf and Skin.It protects from oxidation and aids better fixation of condensed tannins.By blending with syntans,it is useful for retanning,particularly shrunken grain upper leathers.It is used in boiler water treatement compound and as a mud-thinning agent in oil drilling.

Myrobalan extracts provide a light greenish yellow colour to tanning liquors and leathers and they are used especially in the first steps of tanning sole leathers to compensate for the reddish colour of tanning agents such as mimosa and quebracho extracts. The extracts are available in powder form and give leathers a uniform colour and a soft touch. Due to myrobalan's high sugar content, the extracts ferment easily.


*Tanmix manufactures and markets the MICROBALAN EXTRACT SPRAY DRIED POWDER worldwide in a brown powder form.