This extract is catechol or condensed type tanning material,having high Astringency,high Tannins/ Non-Tannin ratio with small amount of acid and salt content.The pH value of the extract is ideal for rapid and uniform penetration in the skins and hides.It has got the properties of excellent filling and fixing capacity.This extract produces light colour leather with remarkable firmness and tight grain.This extract is also suitable for blending with pyrogallol tanning materials and the degree of tannage is very high with the blended extract.

specification (by filter method)

Appearance :    Red colour
Tannin :    65% +/- 5
Non-Tannin :    26% +/- 5
Total soluble :    91%
Moisture :    5% +/- 1
pH(10%) :    4 to 5


  • 18 TO 20% for E.I. Skins with Myrobalan
  • 20 TO 25% for Kattai with Myrobalan
  • 4 to 6% for Upper leather in retanning
  • 3 to 5% for Softies,Dry nilled,Upholstery,Suedes,Nutback and Leather from the wet blue.


*Tanmix manufactures and markets the MIMOSA EXTRACT POWDER worldwide in a brown powder form.